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March '24 Journal

March '24 Journal


So happy to connect with you all!

As spring starts to inch closer and we see the transformation of the world around us, the rebirth, the colors, the growth; It’s a perfect time to reflect on our own growth and transformation.

Transformation starts with accountability. If we are accountable for our own state and no longer “looking for a reason” or deflecting, we become aware.

We need to feel our emotions including shame, our feelings are a key part of the journey, a part of our own growth, a part of our own transformation.

Remember the wounds we carry will cry out for our attention time and time again until we take that accountability to see them, through stillness and contemplation.

This spring find your moments of stillness and step closer to your own transformation through accountability and contemplation. It will be hard and heavy, but just as the flower springs forth from the cold, hard earth, so shall you.

Wishing you all health and wellness,


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