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Celebrating Our Visionary Founder

Meet Tessa Arnold, the heart and soul behind Balance of You. With a profound passion for holistic living and a deep commitment to helping others find balance and fulfillment, Tessa has guided countless individuals on their journeys.

Tessa Arnold here, the Founder and CEO of Balance of You Co. and this was my wake-up call.

I was going through significant changes in my life, from moving small kids across the country, to separation, then to grieving. Through all of this I realized I was lost and “sleepwalking through life” as Deepak Chopra says and I was done it was time to wake up and find the truest expression of myself. 

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Balance of You Co. 

I realized I had agency over my life experience, and it was time to make changes. Mind you small at first, but changes. I soon noticed something was missing from my life, something fundamental and it was balance. That’s when this idea started.

This is my journey; I hope you’ll come walk with me.

certifications & Expertise

Tessa's Training: Cultivating Balance and Expertise 

With an unwavering devotion to holistic living and a sincere mission to empower others in their pursuit of balance and fulfillment, Tessa's profound expertise has transformed the lives of countless individuals. As a certified Chopra Health Instructor, she brings a wealth of knowledge to guide you on your personal journey toward wellness and equilibrium.

Chopra Health Instructor Certification ↗RYT200 Certification ↗

fun facts about tessa


Meditation sessions with over 102 hours of meditation practice this year.


Managed and led teams within 2 global banking firms.


Co-Founded a supplement company over 4 years ago called SnapBack Energy.


Has completed RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher).

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