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Ayurveda: The Life Science and Manual for Conscious Living


A journey of balance, guided by authenticity

Embracing life's ebb and flow, we're committed to helping you find equilibrium and fulfillment. Our path is joyful, our approach sincere. Authenticity is our language.


Our Mission

At Balance of You, our mission is to guide individuals on their journey toward equilibrium and fulfillment. We believe in embracing life's natural ebb and flow, approaching each step with joy and sincerity. Our commitment is to help you find your own path to balance and well-being, speaking the language of authenticity.

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Unveiling Our Guiding Story: Balance of You and Its Founder

The Balance of You Co. offers coaching and consulting related to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle, information related to living and maintaining a balanced life within a balanced you. Our goal is for you to experience balance and fulfillment through your everyday life experiences. It really can be and is meant to be that simple.

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About Balance of You Co

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Meet Our Founder Tessa

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Every step towards balance is a step towards fulfillment - Every step towards balance is a step towards fulfillment - Every step towards balance is a step towards fulfillment

find your balance

Balance through coaching,
Ayurveda, and harmony.
Experience fulfillment,

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