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April '24 Journal

April '24 Journal


So happy to connect with you all!

As we move forward into 2024 and start planning, organizing, shifting we make room in our lives.

We continuously dream, plan, wish, hope, and believe the things we tell ourselves, through all this we self-impose limits on what we can and cannot do.

Where do these limits come from?

They started in childhood before we even realized it, our parents telling us what we can or cannot do.

How high we can climb trees. How well we will perform at something may be based on our age, experience, gender, or abilities. Generally, we received this gentle guidance which continued and increased over time. Yet eventually it wasn’t our parents limiting what we can or cannot do, it was ourselves.

We gently self-impose limitation on so much of our lives:

What jobs we apply for based on what we feel we can do.

The amount of money we get paid is based on what we think we deserve.

Who we can be in a relationship with. Who we approach.

What we can achieve within our lives is based on what we are capable of.

I ask you to challenge the net limits you place on yourself; because who is to say you are not fully capable of achieving so much more than you know of dream.

You have all the resources, the strength, the energy, the ability within you. How long have you not taped into it because you told yourself about a storyline with limits that truly don’t exist.

For the next 3 months let’s be limitless and see what we are fully capable of achieving.


Wishing you all health and wellness,


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