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February '24 Journal

February '24 Journal


So happy to connect with you all!

The vital importance of connection and relationships, countering this growing epidemic of loneliness.

The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships.

If we do not nurture our relationships, find deeper connection in our relationships, and grow together within our relationships we lose them, and this epidemic of loneliness continues.

It is not the number of relationships or time spent together within the relationship it’s the quality of the connection and the how present you are when you’re together.

*Put the phone down, turn away from your computer, face your partner, child, friend and give them your full attention.

Go for a walk, sit together without distraction. It is possible to be lonely even when you live together and believe you see each other “enough”. If you only give a portion of yourself, you are creating a sense of loneliness and longing within the other person. They want all of you not half of you.

People want to feel important to you, they want to feel like an important part of your life.

It is also just as important to understand the dynamic of the people within your life, your relationship with them and how they make you feel, it continues to impact the quality of your life.

Love is a verb!


Wishing you all health and wellness,


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